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Open Mon-Fri 17:00-Late


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Bar ITSUKI Signature Cocktails

ITSUKI Moscow Mule

(Vodka・Japanese pepper・Drambuie・Lime juice・Homemade ginger cordial)

Just as a real mule has a strong kick, The Bar Itsuki’s “Moscow mule” is a vodka-based cocktail with a high alcohol content and a kick of its own.

Our own “Moscow mule” uses vodka infused with Japanese pepper, and a homemade cordial created using cane sugar from Okinawa, Honey, lemon and 7 different spices.

You can enjoy the pleasant stimulation that comes from the harmony of spices in our homemade cocktail.


(Sake・Cherry Blossoms

・Shiso・Gold powder)

The Cherry Blossom is Japan’s national flower. Since the Edo period Japanese have enjoyed viewing the cherry blossoms, although this could only be enjoyed for a short period of time each year in the spring.

Attracted by the ephemeral beauty of the flowers, people would drink sake and rub shoulders together under the trees for a short, beautiful time.

We created our cocktail “Ohka” with this ephemeral beauty in mind. Enjoy the sweetness of a blend of cherry liqueur and Japanese sake.


Apple pie martini

(Calvados・Butter・Homemade cinnamon vanilla syrup・Homemade dry apple)

Our original butter Calvados spirit is created by soaking butter in Calvados and filtering off the resulting spirit. 
The harmony of apple juice combined with a slight buttery flavour is truly reminiscent of a fresh apple pie.
Add to this our original cinnamon vanilla syrup made from Mexican vanilla, giving a fine fragrance. 

Topped with a garnish of a homemade dried apple slice, this is truly an adult version of the traditional apple pie.


Caffè Ambra

Vodka, coffee,・Sweet Vermouth・Maple syrup・Hojicha tea・Dry Sherry.)

Our Caffè Ambra cocktail is made from vodka infused with coffee beans, combined with Japanese Hojicha roasted tea. 

The bitterness of the coffee combined with the roundness of the Hojicha creates a unique harmony. 

If you like coffee, you must try this amber coloured cocktail. 



(Tequila・Homemade tomato juice・Strawberry syrup・Black pepper・Rosemary)

The Suzaku, or Vermillion bird, is one the four guardian beasts, and is the guardian of the South. It is painted on a mural in the Kitora burial mound of ancient Japan in Nara.

The red of the feathers are like the red of the  fresh tomato juice and strawberry syrup found  in this cocktail. With a base of tequila, you find the sweet and sour of tomato and strawberry with accents of pepper, finished with a rosemary garnish.



Amazake Lattè

(WAPIRITS TUMUGI・Sweet Sake・Rose・Grapefruit・Japanese pepper・Soy milk)

TUMUGI is a Japanese spirit made from botanicals such as barley grains, “Kabosu” limes from Oita and lemons from Setouchi.

Amazake was first recorded in ancient Japan of the Kofun period, 1500 years ago.

We blend these two ingredients together with Soy milk and Japanese spices.

Amazake has been drunk in Japan since the Heian period when nobles would often drink it cold.

TUMUGI is a new type of spirit made using Japanese “Koji”.

Our cocktail expressed the harmony of new Japanese spirits with old traditions.


Tiger eye

(Bourbon Whiskey・Specially made elderflower syrup・Lemongrass・Honey)

The “Toranomon” gate used to be located to the south of Edo Castle.  "Tora" means Tiger, and "mon" means gate. The gate itself disappeared during the Meiji Era but the name Toranomon remained.

We designed this cocktail in the image of the Tiger, strong and king of the beasts, garnished with fruits in the image of a tiger’s eye.


Framboicse Chocolate

(Vodka・Earl Grey・Strawberry syrup・Mozart Chocolate Cream・Oolong Tea)

When creating our original Framboise chocolat cocktail we use only the finest Earl Grey tea from France infused with French CÎROC vodka. 

The aroma of Earl Grey tea combines fruit and chocolate with a fruity and rich sweetness, making it irresistible to chocolate fans. Blending in Japanese Oolong tea further expands the experience of this chocolaty treat. 



Japanese Whisky


Yamazaki 12Y

Yamazaki Refill Sherry Cask




Hibiki Master's Select




Ichiro's Malt Malt&Grain

Ichiro's Malt Malt&Grain Limited

Ichiro's Malt Double Distilleries

Ichiro's Malt Wine Wood Reserve

Ichiro's Malt MIzunara Wood Reserve

Mars Twin Alps


Japanese Spirits

~Japanese Craft Gin~




NIkka Coffey Gin


Sakurao Limited

~Japanese Craft Vodka~


~Koji Spirits~

Tumugi Wapirits